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Are you happy with the new Huggies nappies??? Rss

I recently bought the new design Huggies nappies and have found that they are not as good as the old style...

My son is almost 2.5 years and toilet training at the moment...i only use the Huggies (Junior) nappies for bed time and ever since i bought the packet of these new ones i have had to change him 3 times per night as they fill up pretty quickly...What is going on?? he sleeps approx. 12 hours straight and very rarely needed a nappy change through the night...I am not happy about this!! Anyone else notice the difference in the nappies??
new huggies nappies?? where i live we are still waiting to be able to buy the special edition ones for genes for genes day.. LOL

wonder if we will EVER see the next lot?

sorry - no help!
oh sorry i'm not talking about the Jeans for Genes ones...they have a new style out, which is replacing the the old ones...they are saying that they are "new improved" but honestly i dont like them...i dont think they hold as much or something!!
yeah i know - i was having a little dig at huggies. Clearly one of the capital cities of australia wasnt deemed important enough to support the genes for genes day with those nappies, so i am not holding my breath to get the 'new improved' ones that they are advertising at the moment.

ETA - had trouble spelling LOL
[Edited on 19/09/2009]
Both my boys are in the new huggies nappies and I find them just as good as the others. I have never had a nappy leak.
The Jeans for Genes nappies were the regular nappies...but they were soooo very cute!!
You should cross your fingers that you dont get the "new improved" ones !!!


Are you talking about the new contour shape one's? I too have had problems with them leaking and had no trouble with the 'old' style. A friend of mine is also having the same problem.

I sent a complaint to Huggie's and they asked me to send in a couple of nappies. But, as I replied back, it's not the batch of nappies that has a problem it's the actual design. The new design are more like a high cut bikini and don't cover as well.

Send a complaint to Huggie's as the more people that do they might listen and change the design.

I dont know if it is th enappy or my daughter but she is yet to do a poo and have her nappy hold it all and not leak !! .

I have no idea if they are the new ones I have or what but the ones I have are crap ..I am going to use this pk and try another to see if it is the nappy or my pooping machine of a daughter !!!
So far the new ones are lasting better for my DD. The old ones leaked alot, so far touch wood no leaks.
Do you remember the OLD huggies nappies, the white with the strip across the top of whinnie the poo! They were sooooooo thick! Then when the brought the new design in with picture all over people cracked it cause you could see the pics through there little girls white pants skirts ect.....

Well every time they have brought out a new design/style people crack it.. lol

Personally i reccon they should go back to the original style! Cause the one thing i have notice is how thin they are becoming...
yes yes yes...the new contour shaped ones, you are right, they are shaped like a high cut bikini (ha ha ha)...

i will sent a complaint to Huggies, but it looks like it's not all people having the problem so i dont know!!

I'll see how i go!!
Yes the old ones were much better...and i have noticed they are alot thinner and they dont seem to hold as much as they used to.....
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