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Anyone on the Department of Housing list??? Rss

Just wondering how long u have to wait to be housed in a Department of Housing place?
I'm a single mumma of 1 working p/t..i've been on the list for 2 years now, but really struggling with the price of sydney rent....
I think the wait is like 10 years or something...
Don't hold your breath

I am a single mum with 6 kids & fled from Singapore (I am Australian) & an abusive husband (also Australian) & they wouldn't put me in emergency housing

I have been on the list for nearly 3 yrs & have been told the wait is 15yrs

By the end of 15 yrs all of my kids will be old enough to move out of home so won't need it then

I am in SA & am not having trouble paying rent though so I am not in a hurry for a house now

It was just when I moved back here

Im a couple of hours north of you and my name was on the list 12yrs ago when I had one child. I was told then that the wait was 12yrs but it could blow out to over 20yrs depending on the amount of emergency housing needed in those 12yrs. Also damages to the current housing will lengthen the wait. So if some twit burns a house down they will be rehoused and the wait becomes longer because they are a house down and that twit gets another property. If you cant afford Sydney housing costs have you considered relocating to somewhere more affordable?

Cheers Ness

I'm not but several of the women in my mums group live in government housing and they discuss it regularly. What list are you on? Are you on high needs or just the standard list? Around here (ACT) the standard list is about a 3 year wait and high needs is about a year and a half.
Im not but I know a lady here in the ACT that spent 6 weeks in a refudge with her children and it was around tax time so they spent up BIG on her children so they will get the same funding again. 6 weeks and she was housed in a hosuing house and the refudge gave her $700 to put towards a white goods item like fridge or washing machine.

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