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need all your positive thoughts and prayers Rss

for our beautiful friend Elisa. She has been given some really awful news and isnt well. Please pray for her
sending lots of love and good wishes her way.

Thinking of you at this time!! Lots of love, prayers and best wishes!!

BTW - Whats her username?? Sorry doesnt sound familiar to me?? Thanks
her username is Lachlans*Mum. she has two very beautiful little kids
oh ok thanks... whats happened may i ask?
She's been diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread into the lymph nodes and under her arms. She is devasted as you can imagine. This person is one of the most caring people i know. She doesn't deserve this. She needs all the prayers and support she can get. She needs to pull through this
All my thoughts and prayers her way

I hope everything turns out ok

Oh no sad Sending big positive thoughts and best wishes her way.
Oh no i'm so sorry to hear this awful news.

Elisa is just such a beautiful person inside and out and has a heart of gold.

Thinking of you Elisa and my prayers and thoughts are with you.
Sending you big hugs your way.

Love Mel xxx

Thinking of you Elisa, and sending you every positive vibe that I have. xxx

Oh, I feel so sad. She is such a wonderful person.
That's terrible news.

Thinking and praying for you xx

Good luck and best wishes will win this fight!!!!
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