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Hello Huggies - did you miss me? Rss

Hello all you gorgeous huggies mummies and daddies, did you miss me??? lol

Well as you all know my gorgeous little Imogen come into the world on the 29th May. After my appointment with my ob it was strongly advised that I have a c sec.... I didn't get around to phoning everyone as emotionally I was a little bit of a wreck as you all know my fears about being cut open.

I can honestly say that I have a whole deal more of respect for any women that has a c section and it certainly is not an easy way out. The recovery has been horrible... natural any day.... and I take my hat off to any women having a c section.

A lot of regular members would know that I have NEVER gotten any breast milk and this has caused major PND. Well after 3 natural births and no milk then I have a c section and what do you know I HAVE MILK.... I feel my supply is low but hey it is something... I am comp feeding one bottle per day - Thanks Em and Frances for all your advice... re: building my supply. *Em if you can think of anything else that would be wonderful*

We have had a little bit of a bad news with little Immy - she has 2 holes in her heart. We have to see the paediatrician each week and back to the Marter Paediatrician in 6 weeks to find out what decision the paediatrician will make re: to operate or if the 2 holes have closed on there own.

Its funny as they say things happen for a reason ie: not being able to have Immy naturally - as the paediatrician said she may not have made it and actually getting breast milk - the paediatrician said its the best thing for her atm.

Over the next 6 weeks I am taking a back seat with Huggies. As much as I will miss not interacting with everyone I really want to spend 30 hours a day with Immy and give her as much love, touch, cuddles and continue on my breast feeding journey. I will be back but I just think I need to focus on Immy for me....

I loved my Congratulations thread... it brought tears to my eyes - thank you everyone.


Why helllllloooooooo Tammy. WOw it is craxy how some members just make this place feel 'right' are one of them (to me at least). Might sound weird but it's true....

I wish you and Imogen all the very best. I cannot even find words to say how much positive energy I am throwing towards you all. I pray and hope and wish that Imogen's little heart closes all by it's amazing self.

Great to see you back, if only briefly.

Sorry to hear you didn't get the birth you wanted however sounds like it was for the best in the long run. It's funny how things can work out like that. I hope Imogen gets well quickly and you can relax and enjoy your baby girl.

All the best


hello Gorgeous!
congrats on the BF!! I have said it a gazillion times, but I am so proud of you! you amaze me woman!
Rest up, and heal properly, and enjoy that delightful little girl!
Hi Tammy!!! I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you're doing!!

I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted and I hope the worst of your recovery is behind you! I have all my fingers crossed that little Immy's heart heals itself and if not then hopefully the operation and recovery goes really smoothly!

Take care honey!!! and yay for the breastmilk! well done! xoxoxo

Hey!!! I missed you! Congrats on the birth of Imogen, she sounds divine!!!

Hopefully the Drs can sort out her heart and she'll be healthy and running the show in no time!!!

She's just beautiful Tammy! I wish you all the very very best. I'm sure she'll have you chasing your tail in no time! XOXO

Hello! Thats fantastic news about the BFding!! Enjoy your special Immy time and take care -xoxo-
Take care of your little girl... you know where we all are if you need us....

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Congratulations on your beautiful little angel Tam. Im sending you all the positive vibes i have to heal those holes in her little heart. It's amazing how things worked out. Hoping your recovery is ok xox
Congrats Duffstar! It sounds like everything turned out as it should then, Bubs must have known something was up and stayed in the wrong spot for a reason.

You will have to get yourself one of those BF tickers now!
You will have to get yourself one of those BF tickers now!

LOL, I am planning on... I just need a spare 5 minutes...

Well better run... off to make cup cakes for Amber to take to school tomorrow for her birthday...

Thank you for all those positive vibes and keep them coming.... prayers as well...

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