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Father bashing his kid/s in the car... Rss

Today i was driving along with my mum and 2 year old son in the car. I noticed the car in front of me was swerving a bit in his i got closer to him i noticed that he was bashing someone/thing in the back seat of the car as he was driving. I kept driving behind and he kept doing for about 3 blocks. Then the car came to a stop at the red lights, he stopped hitting the at whoever was in the back but you could see him screaming, then a little child jumped up and looked out the back window she was crying and putting her hands up to the window..mum and i could not believe out eyes. Mum wanted to get out of the car and confront him but i wouldnt let her. I got my phone out and started filming for about 2 mins as we continued to drive. I was still behind him when we stopped again at more traffic lights. He then got out of the car and came up to my car and started screaming at me saying "why the F%$# are u taking pics of me" etc etc using the most filthiest language. I wound up my window and locked me doors, and he went back to his car. We continued driving and i turned off into another street, he was then following me. We stopped again at more lights, he got out of the car again, came up to my window and started beating on my window and car door...he was beating so hard i honestly thought he was going to break through the glass. The cars started to move so i got away and he didnt follow me anymore. I was so scared as i had my own son in the car, but i tell u what! if i didnt have my baby in the car i would not have been able to contain myself.
He was beating into this little girl so bad, she looked as though she was only about 3 and i think he may have had another smaller baby in the car too...they were not in var seats, just sitting in the back.
When i looked back at the phone recording you cant actually see him beating on the kid, he must have seen me with my phone out and stopped.
I called the police and reported it but they said there was nothing they could do as there is no evidence..but i'm sure if they paid a follow up visit to the kid there will be the evidence. He was beating this kid with a closed fist, it made me feel ill to my stomach that someone can hurt a child like that.
I feel sick that man does not deserve to be a father! That poor little girl! I cant believe the police wont do a follow up thats ridiculous.
call child services directly

OMG that is so disgusting.

good on you for trying to catch him on film.

i agree, ring child services.

and give as much detail as possible. if you have his face on film and his rego plates etc hopefully they can figure out where he lives and investigate further.

by the sounds of it, the child would have bruising so it should be obvious that something has happened

god it makes me sick...i just want to rescue kids like this and hug them all night long. its experiences like this that create messed up teenagers and adults. it makes me so angry that the parents dont realise the long term harm they are doing, let alone the immediate physical harm.
yeh..i'm going to call child services in the morning and see what they say, there may be some other complaints out on this's worth a try.
Unfortunately i didn't get his face on film and i'd hate to see what he would have done to me if he saw me filming right up in his face, i was had all this things going on in my head...i was so scared that he would have got my car open and tried to get my son or something..he was in such a fit of rage!!
Def. call family services..especially if it means these chn will be protected from him.. Police should still do a follow up call..its terrible that they wont.. I hope you are ok..
My goodness! That poor child! Good on you for trying to record it. Hopefully family services will do something about it. Hope you are ok!
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