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  5. Just ordered more bloody water. GRRRRRRRRR

Just ordered more bloody water. GRRRRRRRRR Rss

God it sh its me, I am sick of paying for water, before the feb fires we had a nice full tank, then we got about a minutes worth of black rain in it but was enough to contaminate the lot so drained it all and brought 1/2 a tank full and it hasn't bloody rained since!

Yet I watch the news and see everywhere else is getting flucking rain and being flooded and we get no a single flucken drop! Grrrrrrrrr

So another $250 for 1/2 a tank of water and I bet it flucken pours with rain tomorrow
We're in Brisbane so on town water, but have a 10,000L water tank which has been sitting in our yard for months & still not installed. We could have filled it a dozen times by now...especially after last week when it flooded all around Sth East Qld.


Don't make me jealous!!!
We will be buying another as soon as our taxes are done and hoping over winter they may both be filled, we have two small tanks (10,000L each) up atthe stables that we normally drain into our house tank when needed but they both got contaminated also and we haven't drained them, using them for the stock still, so we can't use them either/

Oh well the kids will be happy they can finally have a bath tonight or tomorrow!!!
I'll pray for rain for you. Maybe play the John Farnham song 'Pray for rain' really loudly all day hehe



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