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YOUR favourite birthday cake? Rss

Ok while I am on the subject of birthdays (WOOT WOOT..LOL), what is your favourite cake?

I like a chocolate mud cake, but for some reason I bought myself a coffee walnut cake from Woolies for my day today. Not really sure why I did - but mudcake is still my favourite after all!!!
I had a white orange and poppy seed mud cake for a friends birthday once and it was by far the bestest birthday cake i have ever eaten!!!!! Pity I have never been able to find a recipe for it, even Dr Google was no help!!!LOL

EDITED because i was so self asborbed in the cake bit that I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
[Edited on 15/05/2009]


I love cheesecake. Mum baked us whatever cake we wanted when we were little and I always chose a baked blueberry cheesecake. Yumm.

Also white chocolate mud cake, I'd love both for my
any cake with butter icing

or the lamingtons in the shape of the number birthday

Oh, I forgot about cheesecake!! I'll have to get one of those for next year...LOL
I'm another 1 for mudcake... marble or plain, both are good!!

DF loves pavlova..
Black forrest cake. Hands down my favourite thing in the world.
i'm still a child... for my 21st last year all i wanted was a freddo frog ice cream my kids enjoyed it as much as i hubby thought i was a bit of a weirdo

My all time favourite is the baked cheesecake with the fruit and jelly on top from the Cheesecake Shop.

However, because my DD is allergic to milk and eggs, I do a fabulous vegan chocolate cake that can be made as a slab or cupcakes. And that would be my favourite as a very close second.

Did cupcakes for DD's birthday at playgroup about 2 months ago and so many Mums came up to me and asked if they could have the recipe cos they were so nice. When I told them they were vegan (no eggs, no milk) some of their facial expressions were priceless! haha!

rum and raisin mud cake with lots of rum

*My_2_Monkeys* white orange and poppy seed mud cake. Make a white chocolate mud cake batter add the zest of one orange replace 1/2 the milk with orange and add 2 tbls of poppy seeds and bake as a white chocolate mudcake
I loooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeeee pavlova but noone has ever given me one for my birthday. Im requesting one this yr and see if i get lucky lol
It has to be Pavloa for me too! I think if they didnt have one at any of my in-laws birthdays I wouldnt go. It is kinda an unwritten rule that everyone has to have one.

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