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hi everyone...
I'm on a single parent pension and i got the $900.00 in Feb/Mar (which went straight to bills bills bills that are far behind coz my ex gives me nothing) and i'm just wondering if i should receive the $900.00 from the ATO. I did earn around $2000.00 in 07/08 and did my tax technically i should be eligible, however i'm just wondering, i may not get it coz i got the single parent pension in feb/mar.....apparently they are sending payments up to may. Just wondering if anyone else is in my position and got the 2nd lot of $900.00. Sorry i hope i dont come off greedy but i am in so much debt because i my ex and i was hoping to put a bit of money away in my son's account for him later on in life and i feel bad that the last lot i wasnt able to put any away due to my bills.
cos you didnt earn enuff to pay tax
i'm a bit confused coz i did pay tax in 07/08. I just jumped on the ATO website and did the eligibility thing and it says that i am entitled to $900.00, however it doesnt ask you if you have received the single parent payment.
maybe i should just wait and see what happens....
yes you might have paid tax but you earned under the threshold which means you wouldve got all your tax back, which then means your total taxable income would be zero.

Larissa Charlotte Brayden

Agree with that, i think if you earnt under $6000 (even if you paid tax) then you are not entitled to it. Its confusing a lot of people hey.

oh i see, it's a bit clearer now, thanks.
Oh well that's fine, i got the single parent one which was a huge help, got a bit chunk of my bills paid and caught up on my rent which i am really happy about...
Thanks guys
I am getting both I earned about $12,000. There is a calculator around somewhere that you use to see if you get it or not I will try and find it and bump it for you.

yeh i did that calculator thing on the ATO website and it said that i am entitled to the $900.00 even though i only earnt $2000.00 in 07/ i dont know whats up with that, it should really pick up that i was under the tax threshold and say that i'm not entitled.
Well I would just wait and see what happens.
Not much more you can do

yeh i'll just wait and see what happens.
If i dont get it, i dont get it but if i do that would be an added bonus.
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