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what nationality/culture are you?? Lock Rss

as we all know, australia is a very multicultural country. so i was just wondering what culture/nationality all of the hugs mums and dads are from!??

T'be sure T'be sure
I'm an Aussie...

But from Irish/English descent
[Edited on 18/01/2009]
English, dad was born there and currently lives there, my brother and I have duel citizenship.

Greg is Scottish from a few generations ago.
Im NZ european/ Kiwi lol

DP is Dutch gasp
just australian.

but back in the 1900 my family came from england.
lol i sent a pm to someone instead of posting my baby brain is in full swing still lol, anyway aussie on both sides here dh family were one of the first settlers in griffth
NZ European. Am 1/4 Welsh and also descend for one of the settling families in Wellington.

DF is NZ European as well.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I am Aussie, But originally my ancestors came over from England as convicts!
I'm a k1w1 born to English parents.
I'm and Aussie from convict stock on one side then english settlers during the war on the other.
Mum's dad was Polish, her mum's side came from England. Dad's grandparents are Scottish. DH's distant relatives are Aboriginal, so a bit of a mixed bag here.
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