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DVD players for your car Rss

I want to purchase a DVD player for our car. The ones that strap to the headrest of the passenger or drivers seat. We are heading interstate to Swan Hill on Thursday and also planning a road trip to Darwin in August with friends too. We are in SA.

I want to get one just for long trips like these ones. Can anyone give me any advice on what one to get or what not to get etc? I am clueless.

i got the ones that strap to headrest and we love them.
It has dvd player in 1 and got a 2nd screen off 2 screens.
as i have a van i bought 2 lots so all 4 kids have a screen although they dont all plug into each other 2 kids watch one movie and the other 2 watch another.

I have a twin screen dvd player. I think its great. We often go to friends place and they live about an hr and ahalf away. But DD also has the dvd player on when we just go to the local shops lol
If you can afford it I personally would get 2 individual ones as from your picture there is an age gap and I know from experience that my DD will under protest watch something that DS wants to but it is under protest so eventually they each will have there own.
I bought one for each of my nephews for Christmas.
I got them from JB-Hi fi for $99 each
they are 7 inch screens, they run either on battery, in car charge or plug in, so they can use them virtually anywhere.
Suffice to say I am their favourite aunty lol (their only aunty too hehe)

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We got a TEAC 7 inch twin screen dvd player (two screens, but one is just a slave, so you can only play the one movie) for the car just before christmas, from retravision for $199. Much the same deal as the ones Naomi mentioned. They can run off the battery, cigarette lighter, or they come with a power point thing too so you can use them out of the car also, like if you were away on holiday or something. We havent had any problems so far, and they are easy to use. HTH wink

I really only need the one screen as DD sits in the middle of the car next to DS, so will put it on the passenger side headrest. They pretty much watch the same things, DS just watches whatever DD wants most of the time.

So where did you get them from and how much? I was thinking about going to Big W tomorrow, does anyone know if they have them?

Yep Big W have them the single ones are around $100 - $120. Although a double one is around $200 and you can put the 2nd screen away for when they are older or you move DD to the side. We have a duel screen. We havent used it yet but will soon when we go to Pt Lincoln.

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Cool. Thanks for that! I will go and check them out tomorrow. Not going anywhere today as it is too d@mn hot here in SA!!

im going to get one soon for ashlee because she is an absolute nightmare in the car and i figured a dvd player might keep her occupied
DH wants to buy the ones that are built into the headrests off Ebay but im trying to convince him not to bother and just get a portable one
Portable Panasonic one. They are brilliant - 6hr battery and no issues whatsoever. Around $250 mark - but worth it. We had a cheap crappy one and this one has not skipped a beat.
Thanks TP. Can these ones be strapped to the headrest though? And where did you get yours from?

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