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Wii fit Lock Rss

I wanna join in. I got my Wii Fit last July and went nuts at it now i've been really slack and need some motivation. Plus I'm also wasting my gym membership lol.

All my muscle is fading away.
Although mine is no longer accurate since we moved as the carpet is different and we didnt get feet with ours which I only just found out about. But it should still b accurate with weight loss each week I hope. The actual weight is out it says I weigh 5kgs lighter then I do lol. I wish!!
Mine kept telling me I'm fat so I threw it out the window

this is going to sound like a really dumb ass question - but you can only use the wii fit if you have the wii game console? Is that right?
I don't have either (truth be told - we don't have any game stations of any variety), I know my SIL has a wii fit but no idea if they have the game console or not...
i love my wii fit wink

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

Yea thats right.
I want a Wii Fit.

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