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gift ideas for combined christening and first birthday Lock Rss

i have a combined christening and first birthday for a little girl on the weekend and need some help with ideas for a present please

depends how much you want to spend? i always get something to keep for christening.
you could...
*buy a first piggy bank

*a nice xmas ornament for the tree

*you can find some places that make bears (you can choose colours/styles etc.)

* you can get a pic of the sunrise from the day she was born (but probably wouldnt get it in time)

*keepsake box/first tooth/lock of hair etc.

*jewellery (i bought my goddaughter a nice bracelet)

good luck! there are heaps of normal gifts like clothes, toys, books, which are all nice, but i try to look for something a bit different!

Even a nice Broch lol or Bracelt with her name or Frame with her Name etc engraved on it
a book or clock with her name on. identity direct have these online.
a wedgewood dinnerset keepsake thing
money box with money to start savings
jewellery box with a piece of jewleery to start her collection
australia post i think it is have a coin or stamp set from the year of birth
bookends ( i still have my DD's from 10 years ago, perfect condition)
porcelain doll for a keepsake

thanks for the ideas, i will be heading to the shops this arvo so all these ideas will help me out to find somehting.
i wanted to get her a personalised braclet but have been busy lately and forgot to order it earlier so i could get it before the weekend.
thankyou and keep the ideas coming.
I've started buying these as gifts everyone seems to really like them.
Here you can try to win good stuff for prize It`s a good place when you don`t know what you especially want to buy for you or a gift to present
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