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Facebook - I am a LONER, I am FRIENDLESS!! LOL Rss

Well I finally got myself a facebook profile!!

And I have 1 friend, well to be honest with you, she actually hasn't added me yet, so I infact am a loner with NO friends, but she promised to be my first friend when I setup facebook. So that make me not entirely a loner right???

So how about it, who else wants to be my facebook friend???

Pm me details so I can add you,



is currently in NZ

add me sausage !! ...I am never on there as it is all to much for my slow old clunker ....but I will be happy to have you as a firend !! lo lol lol
hi chelle I will be your friend but you will have to pm me your full name & a description of your photo (if you have one)

Cause I have a snooping ex my settings are private

ohhh add me Chelle! I'll pm you my name
I pm'd you hun if anyone else wants to add me feels free
i will be your friend..i will pm you.


Chelle pm me your details cos Mine is set to private and even if I gave you my name ect you wouldnt find me lol

I am no longer friendless, wow too many names to remember.
I will never remember who you all are from facebook to hugs!

I will get around to putting pics up on facebook so you can see what I look like etc, but my name will stay as it is on there Mi Chelle - I have a thing about putting my full name up on the net, I get weirded out by that!!

So who wants to guess what i look like before I put a pic of me up there....

Denae - You are not allowed to guess, you'd get it right straight away!! you have seen me in pics before!

is currently in NZ

I will pinch you through Nikki lol

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

You can add ME!!!

I'll probably be the only Rowena on most of the above girls friend lists sad(]

have PM'd you chelle
You can add me!
Anyone can add me if they'd like! The more Huggs mums the merrier, I say! It's a good way to get to know a lot of you!

I'll PM you with my name...

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