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Father Day Songs - I know there was a thread about this a few weeks ago... Lock Rss

But hence ther being no search button (thanks huggies!!) I can not be stuffed going through every page of general to try and find the thread. I never replied to the thread so it's not in my history either.

I am making a dvd slideshow for DH for fathers day with pics of him and the kids etc.

I am trying to think of a song to put with it, but can't exactly decide which one to use.

I do like arms wide open by creed - although to us it's a little bit of a sad song, a friend had it at their funeral as their coffin left the church. Makes me think of him everytime I hear the song, so that song is out..

I would love to hear all your suggestions.

Many thanks huggies people!!


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deleted my suggestion just relisten to the words and it is only my warped mind that would think it would be good i love the fact that he was so happy to have someone who calls him dad
the rest of song was not appropiate
[Edited on 10/08/2008]

You are my sunshine? Sung in kids voices. Will stay make everyone cry though LOL
Not sure if you have boys or girls (or
Butterfly kisses is so nice if u have girls. Makes me cry!
what raise me up by that josh grogan, and i think that irish band that brian mcfadden was in they did a version as well.

i always tear up when i hear that song
When is Fathers Day?
What about:
Father and Son (Cat Stevens)
Best Friend (Queen)
If (Bread)
My Dad (Paul Petterson - very old old song)
Angel in my arms (look on youtube for this)
Father and Daughter (Paul Simons)
Have I told you lately (Rod Stewart - this is beautiful for everyone)
Just the Two of us (Will Smith)
A song for dad (Keith Urban)

Sorry running out of ideas - hope you find the right song
for a boy somebody else now
here listen

thanks so much for all your suggestions everyone!!

Will be busy downloading songs today me thinks!! lol

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Posted by: possums
When is Fathers Day?

it's always the first sunday in september.

is currently in NZ

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