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now tell me, how does this make sense? Lock Rss

would someone like to tell me how this makes sense?

I am meant to, by taking a PURELY deontological approach; create a debate about homosexuality, using up-to-date newspapers/periodicals/surveys etc. of BOTH sides of the issue!

Okay, issues I have with this.
1. He (my teacher) has NOT gone through the deontological theory with us,
2. If I am taking a PURELY deontological approach, where is the OTHER side of my issue?
3. Have you seen any newspaper articles about the deontological approach to homosexuality lately? That's because there isn't any.
4. This is for a Year 12 RE class. This assignment has NO impact what so ever on my ENTER score, the entire class doesn't. I have 6 SACs left, then exams. I'd much rather concentrate on those than this rubbish assignment. I'd much rather concentrate on my BABY than school at all!

Ah. I feel better now, honestly school is freaking ridiculous!

Much love

PS. ENTER is what gets you into your university course, SACs (school assessed coursework) make up about half that mark.

well firstly... what does deontological mean?
Lol i was just going to ask the same thing about the meaning of Deontological.

well firstly... what does deontological mean?

What she said lol

hehe I KNOW!

i think it means something along the lines are that no matter what the consequences are, you much do what is 'right' for the whole community.

so, basically i am meant to do an assignment that i don't understand about something that makes no sense. yay for school hey?

oh that's hurting my brain, glad I'm not at school smile

Posted by: mumto6boys
well firstly... what does deontological mean?

What she said lol

yep, as above!

Too many syllables for me!! lol

is currently in NZ

Ok, so if the class has no relevance to what you need for an ENTER score, can't you just do the priority assignments first and well, if you have time then think about doing the one that will have nno relevance or help for your future at uni???? thats what i would do, just do the ones that ean something for you to get a good score. By the way, does your RE mean a religious education assignment?/
If it's not in your top 5 important must-dos, then I wouldn't bust a boiler to finish it... unless it impacts on your grades which it seems it won't.

Boy, flashbacks of needless in-depth brain-twisters I did for the HSC too LOL
I looked it up on an online dictonary

–noun ethics, esp. that branch dealing with duty, moral obligation, and right action.

deontological ethics
–noun the branch of ethics dealing with right action and the nature of duty, without regard to the goodness or value of motives or the desirability of the ends of any act.

yes sorry! RE does mean religious education
i go to a catholic school, i'm atheist though.
The thing is the teacher is a bit.. unhappy if you don't hand work in on time. He doesn't care what the issue is, I've had depression since year 8 and although other teachers are cool if i hand things in a day or two later he'll bite my head off. So i have to go 'chat' with him. Joy upon joy!

Well just do something half-hearted then. Handing it in and not worry too mcuh about what it gets?
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