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My DH went out to a bucks day/night today... and before he went we went over money and what not... Basically I didn't want him spending hundreds of dollars on alcohol. So this morning he took out some money and I thought it was a little too much but let it slide as he doesn't go out very often and it wasn't too much above what we had discussed...

Now the problem... I just went to pay a bill (internet banking) and he has taken out pretty much the same amount AGAIN... yes that's right.. a second time! So not only doubling what we had discussed but more than double!!!!

I am so angry and have reserved myself from messaging or calling him about it. Figured he should at least enjoy it! But my question is... Do I have a right to be angry about this?? Because I bloody am... and what do I say to him??? Or should I say nothing at all.


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If it was me id be calling him and ensuring he dont spend it all
IMO, your married. you do have right to have a calm word to him as this is about your family really.

Hell yeh I think you have the right to be angry! And I think you should let him know. Just ask him why he took so much out especially after you discussed it.
hmm I'm a grumpy biach so I would be texting or calling and telling him to spend what we discussed but the extra had to come home with him as there are bills to pay. I'm sure he has enough with what you discussed to have a good night.

I would be super p!ssed! but like I said I'm a grumpy mole
this happened to me last weekend we were both ment to go out but money was a little tight so i stayed home df brought a slab off beer to take to the after party and he had a little money for the club for the birthday and then he didnt come home till 830am and i saw that he spent more,

i was so angrey he said you could off come and i said no i would rather of spent the money on formla i told him that the extra money he spent wasnt part off the deal and we could off put that money on a bill ect, and i made him feel bad,

i dont mind if he goes out as he makes the money and its not every weekend but if he was going to spend it i could off had a night aswell,

so yep it pissed me off as i could off had night out too,
Thanks girls...

I am just so peeved at him ..grrrrrrr...

I'm so tempted to call or text.. But I have nothing nice to say at all! Infact, I don't think he is going to want to come home tonight, cause he might just be sleeping on the darn couch!

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Mum to Ashleey 4 and Tristan 2 !

you have every right to be p*ssed at him...i'd call him and make sure that he brings that the money home [although he probably wont as he has already decieved you, sorry i didnt mean that in a horrible way]!! its not fair, life is so expensive as if you can justify all that money being spent on one night out!
You know are so stupid, did he actually think that you woulnt find out, especially if the money was taken out of a joint account! Maybe he just thought that he would deal with it when you found out!
Deffinately call him!
I would be super p!ssed!! And there is probably no point calling or texting cos he is probably so drunk that he wouldn't know what you were saying anyway!! lol

Id eat him alive...if you have discusses and come to an agreement then he has completely ignored you and direspected you!

Are you sure the money missing from your account is not the same money in you purse??? Hope you dont mind me asking as I have a tendency to do stuff like that lol

I have decided not to call or text him... I have nothing nice to say anyway.

I will probably be asleep when he returns... So I have some time to calm down abit before I speak to him I guess..

You are right, he is stupid!! He knew I would see it. Maybe he is just thinking I will let it slide. Grrrr not a chance!!!

I just don't know what to say to him.

Mum to Ashleey 4 and Tristan 2 !

No it's not unfortunately, I have checked and double checked and he has definately taken out more money!!

Mum to Ashleey 4 and Tristan 2 !

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