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Males working in childcare centres Rss

I have been looking around to put my 16 month old son into childcare so i can go back to work. I am very nervous about the whole thing.
Anyways i have looked at a few places but one that i went to today had 2 qualified male childcare workers.
Maybe i'm just being old fashioned and silly, but it didnt really sit right with me.
Can someone pls give me some advice...should i be more open minded or there other people out there that feel the same way.
i think its wonderful!! all the men i know are soooo great with kids. its good for the settle factor. My kids are always quick to settle when a male tells them to pull up!
wow males in a childcare centre would be fabulous, kids need all the male roll models they can get especially if dad works long hours. i have a male friend who has done childcare, not dodgie at all
there need to be more male teachers and childcare workers but because of all the stuff we see on the news ppl get the wrong idea of males being in these roles.
I think you need to be more open-minded personally. Why shouldn't a man work in a childcare centre? Men and women have the same training, they all need a blue card and it definitely makes a nice change.
I know this i not the same but i had a male midwife and he was the bet ever!!!!!! I think a male influence i great for kids and i agree with one of the other posters kids tend to tow the line better if a man get amongst them!

I dont think it would bother me that much if the males were trained i.e. have uni qualifications or associate diploma ect.

From a staff members point of view I guess it would ease all the b!tchiness that goes on with the female staff!! I work in childcare and its a vicious cycle of b!tchiness!!
[Edited on 29/07/2008]

*Twinkle Toes is 16mths*

My children go to ABC childcare where there is one male childcare worker, he is absolutely fantastic and he also has 2 children of his own. He brings a whole different dimension to the rooms and he is fun easy going and very good with the children.

I guess you are all's true about all the stuff you hear on TV gets into your head. I did talk to them and they seemed really nice..and my son loves to hang out with males as his "wonderful" father has taken off to another state with another woman and her child [but we wont go into that] so he doesnt really have alot of male influence around him and i guess this would be a good thing...
Personally I think it is good to see men in childcare centres.
i think it is very important that mothers keep an open mind when it comes to males and there role in the upbringing of their children
and the open mind has to be for both the good and bad possibility
many children go through life now adays with no close adult male role models
many of them are well adjusted due to great parenting of the mothers but some need to see the actions of a mature male rather than following those of the sporting or tv role models they end up latching onto for lack of a better option
males in the educational fields are harder to find but are desperately needed in my opinion
all the worries you have for a male childcare worker should also be there for a female and the males go through the same safety checks and are probably watched a little closer due to the unrest in mothers

thats right males go through the same training i have worked in child care for 7 years and i have worked with males and let me tell you the kids love them i guess all i can say a male are different then feamales and the kids now it

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