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Speaking of Shampoos! Rss

I have to change shampoos for Tayla now as she is diving and her very fine, beautiful blonde hair will soon be green and stringy and foul. Sooooo, do any of you know what shampoo I should use to prevent that from happening. If not, I'll just make a few calls... Thank you muchly!

Have a chat to a hairdresser but I remember when I use to dye my hair blonde I used a purple shampoo and it help keep the blonde and stopped it going yellow. Not sure if something like that would work.

Am I making any sense? I used a PPS brand and it also had silk extract in it but it was called a purple shampoo.

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She'll need one that takes the chlorine slime out. Redken have one - I'm not sure of it's name though.

I know Delva used to also, but you're best to speak with a hairdresser.

Hi! My sister has the same problem. I bought her some PPS shampoo from the hairdresser and it is purple, i got a pack with shapoo, conditioner, treatment and detanglerf or $25.00. AVON also sells the purple shampoo it is to help blonde hair stay blonde.

The purple one won't necessarily work for the Chlorine problem.

Here's a link to the redken one I was suggesting.

Redken Hair Cleansing Creme
Thanks everyone and thanks for the link teapot. Am looking at it now..

Aussie website that sells it cheaply
go into hair house warehouse... they have special shampoos for swimmers!
Another thing to consider is doing a once a week rinse in a fairly strong tea tree oil and water solution. Tea Tree is an anti bacterial, anti fungal that would help stop the clorine slime taking hold. Even adding tea tree oil into her conditioner.
I would also use a specialty shampoo and conditioner as her hair will need special care so the clorine doesnt strip it.
Is it viable to wear a cap for diving or would it just come off during entry??

Cheers Ness
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I apologize for bump an old topic from the dead, just have a few interesting observations from personal experience, maybe someone will need this information in the future.
I've had good experiences with two purple toners - one by manic panic, I think it's called virgin snow, and one by Guhl, to get rid of those kinds of tones (my hair is lighter than yours though). They're very similar products; this is what the Guhl looks like over here, maybe you can get it in the UK, too - it's sold in run-of-the-mill drugstores over here, where the deep treatments are.

They're more like a deep treatment than a conditioner if that makes sense - the effects last longer, you don't have to reapply every time you wash. That means you can also just apply them to the areas where you want the toner to go. The coloring stuff in them is the same as what is used in the purple/blue shampoos and conditioners, but there's a bit more of it, the color is a little stronger, and it lasts longer.

For me, I only had to use them a few times, then the color just stuck. That often happens with highlighted hair, if it's just been damaged enough but not too much, there's some room in the hair's structure for those kinds of color molecules to get stuck. I hope that makes sense.

In any case, I'd use something like that, because you can just put it where you need it and don't need to worry about it affecting your overall color like you do with shampoo and conditioner. I don't think that blue/purple shampoo/conditioner like Joico would do a lot to your overall color, it would probably show up at most in the sunshine as a subtle cast of some sort, but you know, just in case. When I used blue shampoos I did feel they made my whites look too gray over time (I try to pass off my whites as blond highlights - not sure that that works but I didn't like the gray cast the blue shampoo gave to them). But I don't know if you have grays.

ETA: If you can't find those toners, you can also just mix some blue/purple deposit-only dye (manic panic, stargazer etc) with a lot of deep treatment - that does the same thing. Blue has a stronger effect than purple, so you need to use less of it/mix more deep treatment in or you end up with blue/green tones (which is way worse than a bit of brass - way, way worse). Maybe start with something like a 1:20 or 1:30 ratio? I've done it and it worked, but I don't remember the ratio I used. I do remember that you need to dilute the heck out of the pure rainbow deposit-only colors to use them this way, they have a lot of pigment..I like to watch YouTube videos of a similar subject when I'm looking for information about the right product. I hope this helps someone in the future. Good luck!
I'm deeply convinced that the choice of shampoo doesn't affect the growth and quality of hair. You yourself should pay attention that there is not much difference between them. All the same chemical aroma and color. Can it really be treated? If your hair bothers you, then you should use natural and essential oil. You also can buy cbd oil. This is a natural herbal remedy for stress relief. This factor often has a negative effect on the hair.
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