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My whole family are going to Bali in December for my mums 50th birthday and i really want to go with them but i have no money...I am a single mum of a 14 month old baby and i'm not working at the moment, my ex gives me no child support and he is not working so his child support assessment is $12.00 a fortnight [but i dont even get that from him]...Anyways does anyone know of any way i cant earn money from home, perhaps on the internet or something? Anyone know of any good survey sights where you can earn good money/rewards?
Sorry, I doubt any online survey would give you enough money for a holiday. Probably the only thing that will return money for you is good old fashioned work, and saving.
Ok no real help except to say avoid the survey sites. There are no sites that pay constant rewards etc. I have not forked the money out for the paid lists but I have looked into it thoroughly and there are a lot of scams out there.

currently being updated please check back later.

There is a post in the promote your small/home business section you could take a look at that. Good luck with it.
Taking in ironing
Looking after people's pets when they're on holidays (eg Don't Fret Pet)
Letterbox drops - try companies like Salmat, Progress, local paper etc

i doubt you would get enough without starting work but...

save the money you will get at tax time.
ring the child support agency, they can make him back pay you and set it up so his payments are looked after by them.

good luck
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