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i cant beleive it. Rss

my little baby will be 2 tommorow.

so this time 2 years ago i had already been in hospital trying to have him since 9pm on the 7th, and at 10pm tonight is when i finaly went into 'real' labour

does anyone else think back like me or am i the only weirdo LOL.
lol.. i think back to ds's birth, i think on his birthday i should get pressies too!!!! lol.. na! he's my pressie..
you look all baby! you look great! do u know what your having? i bet your little boys r excited about a bubs!
[Edited on 09/02/2008]
lol thanks.

yeah it should be another little boy in there.
jy is excited, zak doesnt realy understand all that much yet.
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