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I have waited 10 months for this... Lock Rss

So after being pregnant for nine and exactly 4 weeks after giving birth to my peanut Ethan... I went on friday and got my hair coloured and cut back to the way it was b4 I fell pregnant and OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD....

It is amazing how a few hours at the hair salon can make you feel so much better even after two nights of being up every two hours!!!!

I just have to convince DP to let me get a massage, facial, nails done etc (yep I am dreaming)

On another note... Ethan doing good, put on half a kilo in two weeks, so I must be a good cow!! also as I said we had two nights of every two hours well last night he did 10:30pm to 5am.... I felt normal this morning....


oh getting your hair done feels great doesn't it

Glad to hear ethan is doing well.
wow 1/2kg in 200 weeks that is great. you definitely are a good cow lol

i know a haircut can make you feel so great and it always give me a big boost of feeling like a women and not just a mum and wife. keeping working on the massage and facial wnt you

Thats nice for you must feel great:)]
Im glad to hear Ethan is doing well!!

isnt it great gettin your hair done...
congrats on your new bubba!
your kids are cutties..
Yeah l normally get around to getting my hair done once a year, sad l know, but l find it so hard to find the time for 'me'! I am sure your DP will let you get pampered you have been through a lot lately!

Such fantastic news to hear that little Ethan is doing well, sounds like he is thriving! I can't believe he slept 10.30 to 5 l was never that lucky!
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