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is this from teething my ds is 6months old and is on solids but in the last 3days he will not eat his food only bottles?
could be just grumpy or not in the mood? possibly teething who kows you havent given much to go on matey hee heeeee

yeah sorry i was heaps tierd and ds woke up.
He will have his bottle no problems and will have a fruit jelly lunch or even his custard lunch but when it comes to dinner he will not eat the chuncker food and it is driving me mad like he did today but then he wont for 3 days.
is he drooling any more then usual? cheeks rosie? gums swollen?

could be teething hard to tell maybe he just cant be bothered chewing lol i get liek that sometimes!
Maybe he is still getting use to the texture of some foods.
has he had his 6 month vaccination in the last 8 days?
My 9 month old is teething like mad atm, and on his bad days he will only really want booby, and smoother foods. (Pureed fruit, custard.) He won't eat chunkier stuff (even his fave spag bol), I imagine it hurts his gums.

But being that your DS is 6 months, it might be other reasons too. Perhaps not quite used to the chunkier foods yet?

Could also be the heat? DS doesn't seem to eat as much on hotter days.
might want water? does he like water?
ok here we go lol
yesterday and today he ate just fine.
He has been eating chuncky food for 3weeks now so i don't think it is that.
he is booked in for his shots on friday his doctor was closed.
He likes water sometimes but i stop after he has a fit and give him water this does not help.

he has been drooling heaps for the last month as for his checks they go read sometimes and his gums im not really sure what to look for as i didn't have to go through teething with my step daughter.

I have noticed for the past couple of months he has also been chewing on his blanky and bibs.

I have a appointment at the eary childhood centre next week and i will ask them about his gums
fell your bubs gums, if they are close, you can feel the bumps.
dh said it feels like the top of his gums are cut but i can't feel teeth. When u look at his gums they look like they are alomst out and alittle whiter then before.
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