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need help!!! Rss

hey guts,

i was just wondering what you would do in my sitution???

Well i gave my friend my credit to look after so i couldnt spend any money on it while i was away. anyways while i was away she went and spend 180 dollars do that her sister could come down here because she was having troubles with her dp. anyways the she forged my signature at flight centre and now i am having trouble trying to get the money back off her.

just wondering should i ditch them as friends? or wait until i get my money back? if they dont pay should i report them to the cops???

thanks Leenie

SOrry but unless you gave her the okay to do this it is stealing and she is not your friend grrrr, I know how hard it is for you when I was at school I was saving for an op and my "best" friend swiped my savings card after she had watched me at the ATM for the pin and cleared out my account. I called the COPS... If you dont get your money back sorry I would be calling the police.

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If she isn't going to give you your money back then she isn't worth having as a friend!

Is OVER rude people

i would tell her that you will give her a week to get the money back to you before u are going legal ways about getting your money back eg cops or the courts!

This will not end well, and you will not see that money again

I would take it to the Police! She should be charged

This comes from Personal Experience!
She is not a friend!!!!! friends do not do this. Ditch the biache
um no, def not something a friend would do without asking. I too would ditch her and call the police.
What she did is fraud- she pretended to be you!!! Ditch the witch and never look back. If it costs you $180 to be free of her then it is money well spent.

She is no friend if she can do that to you!!!
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she didnt ask for my permission at all she just went and did it... i plan to ditch her when i get my money back...

Posted by: Leenie__
she didnt ask for my permission at all she just went and did it... i plan to ditch her when i get my money back...

Kiss the money goodbye love, you wont see it again
Well to start with, she isnt a FRIEND at all.

How rude of her to to such a thing. I feel for you as you thought you could trust her with this.

Im sorry, but if i were you, i would tell her that what she has done is completely wrong, and that you want nothing more to do with such a person.

I would also report this to the police, whether or not they do much about it, is another thing.

What she did though is FRAUD, and i would hope the police would do as much as possible for it. I dont think you will see your money again, but she will, or should be charged for it.

She obviously never valued your friendship to start with.

Best of luck with this.

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Ok, hon, I dont like your chance of her paying the money back sad If you want you can call her and say you have this ling to pay it or I will call the police but the longer you leave it the harder it is, and do you really want someone as a "friend" who you con not trust? I would first call the travel agent and tell them that it was an unauthorised transaction and get the details and then I would call the police. When my "friend" was charged she went through on a lot more than just theft because as the others said it is fraud. How do you know she has not done this before or will not do it again?

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