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What could you not live without? Rss

Hi everyone, I was just thinking what would be the one baby thing you could not live without. I would have to say one of the thing i could not live with out would be my baby hi-lo hi-chair. It is just great.
I couldn't live without nappies when they're babies.
My sense of humour, without it I would have gone insane months ago.
LMAO AT TeaPots!!

But that would be something you couldnt live without!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

when bub was little I would have gone slowly insane if I diddnt have my baby swing !!

now he is 20 months I woudl die a slow and painfull death if I was to forget his dummy and teddy ...oh god I would pay !!!!!!
I loved my bumbo seat. Best thing ever.
Change table, its great, perfect height, no bending and lifting, I love it! And when she was smaller a little rocker chair for her to sit in, great at home and to take to friends houses when visiting to keep her up off the floor.

my slings.

Oh my goodness, does it make life easy. A pram, cot and swing/rocker all in one smile
my car and car seat.
[Edited on 15/01/2008]
My Bumblebee transformer keyring& car keys, Lily is obsessed with it!Wherever we are it keeps her quiet (except squeals of delight!) and entertained.
I even brought another 1 just in case!!
the car!!!
for those nights when I just couldnt get her to sleep....a wizz round the block done wonders....I hated doing it but boy it worked!!

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