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hi,i have just had a m/c and i was 7weeks, i was wondering if anyone had experienced this? and how long after did they get preg again? this is my first m/c i have two children and have haven't had any of this happen before? hope to hear back!thanks!my children are nearly 4 and 2
Hi there. I had a MC at about 5-6wks a few weeks ago and am pregnant again so you can fall pretty much straight away if you're emotionally up to it. But everyone's different.
I've had two m/c's. My first was at 10 weeks and I fell pregnant in my next cycle. The next one I was only 5 weeks and didn't fall pregnant again for almost 2 years.

Sorry for your loss. It's a hard thing to get through and I know from experience that you will never enjoy pregnancy the same way again. You will always be scared of it happening again.

I hope that you get pregnant again if that's what you want and just know that it does get easier and you will most likely have no more problems, just healthy babies.

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sorry for your loss. i have had about six m/c and they were all around the 6week mark. i was begining to think i would never be a mum. but they were with my ex and i only had one with my current partner and then i fell preg again a month or two later and i was really scared.. i was seein a gynocologist every fortnight and was at the womens clinic at the hosp every other week and was havin all these ultrasounds jus so see the progress of baby. well i had a healthy baby boy!(that was xmas last year) and now im preg again,im stil really scared re this babys health and stuff but i try not to think bout it but its easier said then done.its always in the back of my mind,
as the other ladies have said if your emotionally up for trying again go for it..
i hope all goes well for you and your partner,
hope your ok take care

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I have had 7 m/c's, all between 6 and 10 weeks. It depends on your cycle as to how long it takes to fall pregnant again. The emotions you experience cannot be described and when you do fall pregnant again it can be a little scary because you worry constantly about the risk of another m/c. It is up to you to decide when you feel ready to try again, I had a check up with my Dr after each one of mine. Good luck and feel free to pm me if you need to chat/vent.
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