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ok a, ahem, friend of mine has decided that the worst castor oil is going to do if it doesn't chuck her into labour is make her crook... and she honestly doesn't care how horrible that is because if theres a chance this will bring it out then she's willing to give it a go. But she is curious as to where you can buy castor oil, and what other uses there are for it... just to divert attention from what she is going to do!
You buy it in the toothpaste/soap/medicine aisle of the supermarket. I think I have seen it next to the calomine lotion. I have not idea what you use it for though.

Ok! Shana told me that apparently they won't sell it to pregnant ladies at the chemist so i was trying to help my 'friend' to come up with an excuse hehe.
Drink & drive you're a bloody idiot!

Doubt it'll do much good, but you can always try it.

It's also used for helping a cat with a furball. But at the last stages of pregnancy, yeah right as if anyone will believe you that you're using it for that!!
Yea i doubt it'll do anything either - but desperate times call for desperate measures!
LOL- you don't really think people are going to think it is for anything else other than to try to encourage labour do you???? You don't have to go to a chemist they sell it in supermarkets near the bathroom stuff in a little brown bottle.

Just a word of warning it is likely to give you the runs- which stimulates your bowel which in turns stimulates your uterus- it does not mean labour will start- it may just give you a terrible pain in the tummy and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.

What to buy with it? Orange juice to drink it with,lol.

Oh and good luck!!!!
LMAO my sister used this and you just have to mention castor oil and she nearly throws up but it worked she had her bub 5 hours later. Good luck
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Lol thanks for the well wishes ladies!

Actually i'm just about out of OJ so i would have been buying some anyhow!

As for the runs (TMI), i'm a bit constipated today and it's very frustrating lol. hospital is bout 20 mins. i should be right!

Lol stick a maternity pad in the back of my dacks!

Haha this will be interesting!
2 tablespoons, mix in with orange juice and skull. Have another drink beside you so you can follow with that!

Then no more then 1.5-2hours later, do it again.

Good luck!! i did it too but i took mine too far apart so as soon as you feel up to it, do the 2nd lot. Or you could just have heaps in one go. The midwife made my mum drink a cup of it and she had her baby not long after lol
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