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On Austar there is a new series of John Edwards starting tonight.

i really enjoy watching the show and seeing the looks of shock and suprise when they receive a "message" from their deceased loved one.

has anyone been in the audience at one of his live shows? (i know he came to australia not long ago) and do you guys think that he is for real or that some of it may be fabricated?

i like to think its real but being television you just never know
Hey there,

I went to one of his live shows in melbourne a few years ago, but it was huge and we were right at the back. I believe that he is for real though.


Hey Emma!!
I went to one of his shows about 3 years ago and I can tell you, he is the real deal!!!

He came through with my uncle and every single thing he said we could validate and the main message was that my uncle wanted to acknowledge that I had named my son after him. (my uncle commited suicide when I was a baby and my son was due on the day that he died!!)

It was spooky but amazing all at the same time.

I would definetely see him again!!

I think he's for real and I'd love to go and see him.

oh wow INP that would have been an awesome experience!!

im glad to know that he's not a fake!!!
i love john edwards!! i wanted to see him when he was in syd but i couldn financially see him! i was dissapointed iv actualy got one of his books (havn read it yet hehehehe) but i think he is for real i believe in all the spirtual stuff i think its reall cool how you ae able to connect with your love ones whi have past..
yeah i agree coopermum

have you guys seen Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams show?
(austar again hehe)

she is freaky...she predicts all kinds of things as well as communicating with the dead. i would LOVE to spend an hour with her lol you could learn so much about your past, present, future and dead loved ones..
Yep and there were a few things that at the time we didnt catch on, but later on we realised and every single thing fit in, it was unreal!!!

For some reason, even though I didnt get a chance to know my uncle, I feel really connected to him. Him and my mum were the closest out of the kids and somehow everything I do manages to have him included somehow.

When I was in a car accident when I was 15, everyone else in the car was badly injured and taken by the ambulance, I didnt have a scratch on me, the street that we had the accident was Andrew st ( thats his name).

The doc that delivered my boy, Dr Andrew.

The day my boy was due, was the day he died.

A psychic predicted my pregnancy of my son and linked it to an "A" name that had passed over.

My brother had a go kart accident, the doc that worked on him - Dr Andrew.

Then a bank was doing a promotion just after I had seen John Edward and all over the bank were about 50 signs that simply said "Who is Andrew". I couldnt believe it, I went there every week to pay the rent and then that happened, it was soooo weird!!

Its really wierd, it feels like hes still here in some kinda way watching us.

Sorry for rambling, I get so caught up with all this talk!!lol!!

nah never heard of her!! wat channel? i got optus(sydney pay tv)
ill have to check her out.. that would be really awsome i think to send some time with these people i prob would freak out but a awsome experience though..
i dont really watch much john edwards as hes on tv in early hours of the morning, bugger....
if your able to let me know wat channel and ill check her out..
hey another weird thing is, I didnt even have tickets to the show but somehow just knew I had to go.

I looked in the trading post, found 2 tickets, the guy dropped them to my door an hour before we had to be there and the tickets were 3rd row from the front right in the middle, I could not believe it!!

its on W but she isnt on regularly. the Montel show is on every weekday but she only guest stars once a week i think.

keep your eye out as she is a very interesting lady!

INP it sounds like he is your guardian angel or something!!!
i have only lost one family member in my life time, my nana, who regretfully i never spent much time with even though she only passed away a couple of years ago.
but she was obsessed with cats, EVERYTHING she had was to do with cats and after she died i would constantly see cats (i know that they are common anyway but i would see them and straight away think of her) so i figured thats her way of coming through to me to let me know shes still around
wow INP it sounds like it was "meant to be"


i love how things like that just happen... its nice to know that you dont just die and then nothing...
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