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how long do u boil carmel for to make it carmel??? I have 4 tins boiling, and does anyone know what sort of sort crust pastry i should buy or how to make a good one


are you boiling tins of condensed milk or tins of caramel??? If its condensed milk from memory its about 10mins if its caramel you dont have to at all its already caramel

i thought you had to boil condensed milk for 4 hours to make it caramel. hence the provision of pre-carameled stuff now available.
You only need to boil a tin of condensed milk for 2 hours ensuring it is covered at all times with water. I have it on high to start off with but turn it down almost to low-med (just enough to keep it slowly bubbling away)
Let it cool completely before opening otherwise it will burst everywhere and burn you.
I just buy the shortcrust pastry flans in the bread section when I make tarts
I cant remember about the caramel but here is my pastry recipe. I never buy premade pastry!! So much nicer when you make it!

2cups S/R Flour
1 cup sugar
125 gr butter
lemon juice and COLD water

Sift flour and sugar into a bowl, rub in butter till it forms bread crumbs.
Slowly add water with some lemon juice in (if you dont have lemon dont worry) mix with a knife till it starts to come together, not too much though, Then mix with hands till it comes into a ball.

Roll out on floured bench and once thickness you like put over a buttered dish and lightly push in. Trim edges. pierce with a fork a few times and bake till golden!
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