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Hi everyone, just saw everyone saying in another post how much they need a holiday.

Feel free to check out my facebook page Last Minute Local Getaways or go to

My husband and I have set this up to pass on affordable, luxury holidays mainly to young families who otherwise might not be able to afford it or who need the flexibility of a kitchen while still getting away.

We have VERY CHEAP last minute rates and deals for 7 night accommodation packages all around Australia, New Zealand, as well as the occasional packages in US and Europe.

You can book further in advance but it just costs a bit more.

We have holidays from $150 for 7 nights in Studio rooms, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments which we also sell on ebay but not quite as cheaply smile (Ha ha - so feel free to check out ebay if you would prefer!!!)

Anyway, the deal is the closer you can book to the date of travel the cheaper it becomes, and given the price above is for 7 NIGHTS for up to 8 people depending on the room size and location, (not just 1 night or per person like most companies sell) you'll see we are passing on true bargains (and not in it for the massive profits!) So feel free to stop by and support our business if you think you deserve a holiday.


Oh and I forgot to say that when we get to 250 'likes' on our page one lucky fan will win a FREE 7 Night Getaway for their family so be sure to stop by and say hi and tell us where you'd love to getaway to!!!
Happy Holidays!


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