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Tips for saving money this Christmas Rss

It's easy to blow the budget at Christmas time, but do you really need to? Here are some things we've put together to help you avoid a blow out over the holiday break:

1. Don't be a slave to tradition.
In Australia, we are often tempted to emulate a European Christmas but it rarely makes sense. Cooking a massive turkey and ham and then following it up with rich mince pies and Christmas cake might make sense in the thick of winter, but it's not really compatible with an Aussie Christmas. Instead of buying a turkey, think about some fresh seafood instead and instead of wasting money on a Christmas cake that hardly anyone will eat, try cutting up some mangoes or putting out a bowl of cherries for dessert instead.

2. Don't overspend trying to make your house look like something out of a glossy magazine for Christmas.

It's fun to get inspired by Home Style magazines, but rather than trying to buy everything that they suggest, how about involving the kids in making some hand made decorations instead? Start your own traditions instead of copying others!

3. Save money on wrapping paper
It might look nice under the Christmas tree, but expensive wrapping paper is going to end up torn and on the floor in a matter of seconds. Buy in bulk at your discount store or repurpose previously used wrapping paper.

4. Think about how much food you actually need.
Think about last Christmas? How much left overs did you generate? Try to think about what you actually need without going over the top.

5. Don't buy 'Just in Case'' gifts.
It's time to break this tradition. Be courageous enough to say to family and friends "we're just buying Christmas presents for the kids this year" or something similar and then suggest that they come around for a drink instead. It's more important to spend quality time with friends and family rather than mindlessly re-gifting presents.

We'd love to hear from you! Have you got some great money saving ideas for Christmas that you'd like to share with us?
Thanks for the tips smile

Our childcare centre also wrote a nice article which might come in handy for everyone grin
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