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The impossible to buy for people Lock Rss

OK so I know it's a bit early but I am trying to come up with a few ideas for those people who are impossible to buy for. First there is MIL who is 75. She is a wnderful MIL and awesome Nanna but buying for her is impossible. We recently went through her shed when she moved house, the result.... 50 years worth of accumulted crapola. So I don't plan to add to it, since we have to move her again sometime in the next 6 months. Help me out! I was thinking maybe a new nightie and some slippers? Next on the impossible list is my Dad. Dad is offensively wealthy so anything he wants he buys, this make it somewhat difficult for us. Last year it was a photo album with pics of the kids. This year....??? I am coming up with blanks. There is also my Mum and Stepdad who are also like Dad, if they want it they buy it. I have been on the net looking but still coming up with nothing. My family aren't the type for knick knacks and stuff, so I'm lost. Vouchers aren't really my thing because I find them to be too impersonal.

Do you have anyone that is impossibl to buy for?
How about a digital photo frame already loaded with some pictures. Or take MIL out to get her nails done at a beauty salon.

Yes!! But some ideas - for MIL how about some things to do. A concert or movie she might like to go to, with taxi/driving service vouchers if she doesn't drive. Or a pretty teacup with some special tea and recipe for something yummy. Vouchers for a manicure or facial (we sent DP's Grandma for a facial she'd never done anything like it ever but loved it.

For other hard to buy fors - digital photo frame key rings with photos of the kids (and family), magazine subscriptions - there is a such a range of subjects you can get one to suit everybody and it's nice that they get reminded of your gift every time it arrives.

How about a digital photo frame already loaded with some pictures. Or take MIL out to get her nails done at a beauty salon.

tee hee great minds think alike and all that
we have similar issues in this household as well - added that we live interstate from them too, so that makes it even more difficult as it needs to be postable! LOL

so, last year for my mum & the MIL, we did a scrapbook with the kids pictures/paintings/drawings (DD is 3, so they are cute & DS is 11, but he is really arty & always has 10 pencils & his drawing book in his hand, so he has plenty of pictures that he has drawn). We also put things in it like DS's school report (a copy), school photos etc, so it kinda became an overview of the year... it was great, cost nothing (well, not a lot anyway) & they LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

havent even started to think about this year... eeeek.
have you thought of other personalised gifts? Does he wear a tie? need an umbrella perhaps? you can get all sorts of personalised stuff at Artscow, and if you have a look at their facebook page, you will see all sorts of promotions. I have bought heaps of personalised stuff from them, and they are great quality for a very reasonable price!

My MIL is the same... we have given voucher for lunch/dinner & movie of her choice & DH & I take her out for it. Otherwise we give her tickets to a show that we know she wants to go to..
Ok totally love the artcow site and will probably get Dad a tie or an apron. Maybe both.

As for MIL. She dosen't like the movies, and we hardly get any decent shows in town. She also isn't the type to want her nails done or a facial. The only othe info that I think I could add is that she is a pensioner so she is perpetually broke that and she plays bridge.... alot of bridge. Might get her the digital photoframe.

Mum and stepdad have a digital photoframe and about 5 million photos of the kids (they are at her place nearly ever weekend). Last year I did them a movie night hamper, which I think they liked. Mum is big on softball and Dad likes to go boating. Other than that Mum likes to shop.

Has that helped anyone come up with the brilliant ideas that seem to evade me?

tee hee great minds think alike and all that

I know how funny we were both writting at laugh same time

you say your father goes boating is it at sea? If so get him things for a grab bag i.e. a waterproof bag that can be grabbed if the boat should sink. ours used to have glow sticks, chocolate/energy bars, floating key chain for keys, foil blanket etc. I found a waterproof rucksack.

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