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My girls paid for their own dresses and shoes (but we chose ones that weren't too expensive, and if they had said they needed help or couldn't afford it, I would've paid for it)

I paid for their hair and makeup and the accommodation on the Friday night before the wedding. We didn't have tans, was too scared of it running and making a mess on dresses or looking bad.

Hen's day they paid for themselves as well as for me... it was only around $60 a person.
I also made up a goodie bag for them and gave them that too (just with moisturiser, tissues etc) on the night before while we were having our girls night, and also a wine glass on the wedding night when we got to the reception.

Oh yeah I paid for all the flowers as well, I'd say that is pretty normal.

Just another thought, the dresses and shoes we chose for mine were ones that the girls could definitely wear again, they weren't "yup that's definitely a bridesmaid" type dress iykwim

I had 4 bridesmaids, I bought the material for the dresses, mum paid for the dressmaker. I don't actually think they paid for anything, just had to bring their own shoes. I didn't want to make it stressful for any of them having to cough up a bunch of money.

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I got married 11 months ago. Had 3 bridesmaids (2 sisters, and best friend). We had simple, on a budget wedding. Before bridesmaids (and groomsmen) agreed to be, had a chat with them about fact we couldn't pay for everything. they were all happy to pay for some items, mainly their outfits.

They paid for their own dress but they chose dress themselves, just had to be plain black.
We did each others hair and make up and spread the cost between us.
Hens night cost everyone price of their dinner and drinks.

In return I made them promise no wedding pres, buying a dress was enough for me.

I didn't really do the whole bridesmaid thing. My 2 bf were in the wedding, but they had free choice over whatever they wanted to wear. I just said don't wear green. (but they could if they really wanted to.wink) They could wear anything they wanted and they didn't need to run it past me. I didn't see their outfits until the day. They paid for the clothes themselves. That was pretty much the extent of what they were involved in, so there were no other costs!

edited to add: hair and make up was provided by us, but it was a relative doing it so it didn't cost us anything anyway.
I've been in the same boat. I was torn about how I felt about it. In the end I decided that I would've had to buy an outfit for the wedding regardless so that didn't bother me but there were so many added costs. One thing that got me was how many bridesmaids there were, I figured if you can't afford to pay for your wedding then maybe having 5 bridesmaids is being a bit excessive.

It was a privilege to be asked to be apart of my friends wedding and it was something I couldn't imagine not being a part of so I just sucked it up but it's a shame that weddings cause so much financial stress on people. If my time ever comes I am with Miss-B and eloping!!

I asked this same question on here a while back and it seemed to be about a half half response. I suppose if you can afford it then you wouldn't think twice about paying but if you really can't then it can mean you go without groceries or paying a bill then it's a pretty different story.
We had 2 bridesmaids at our wedding, we paid for the dresshire, shoes, jewelery, hair, make-up, flowers everything they needed. Jewlery i gave as a gift to them, they organised hens night but no major expense there.
Wouldnt have it any other way

My bridesmaids paid for their shoes and hair and make up. Their dresses were $450 each so I paid for that plus the alterations that needed doing and I paid for their jewellery so I spent a lot more than they did grin

I have paid for everything, but I didn't spend a lot really ($350 per girl? x3) and they will keep it all afterwards.

We are paying for our own hens night/stag do

That's really rude of her to expect you to pay for everything!
I paid for my bridesmaids dresses, shoes, jewelry and hair. They did their own make up. I also bought them perfume as a gift. They paid for the hen's night - and I left it up to them to sort out, no demands about what should happen and where it should be! The only thing I had a say in was who should be invited.

We paid for everything for our bridal party.... that was 10 years ago but I would still do the same today!

The bridesmaids kept their dresses, shoes and jewellery.
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