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  5. need help with lilypie.. how do u add it to ur posts??

need help with lilypie.. how do u add it to ur posts?? Lock Rss

hi, here's a silly question ladies! how did all of you add that lilypie sticker to your post?? i've made my own at, and read their frequently asked questions on how to do... but i still can't! sad i didn't know where to post this.. but i just noticed so many ladies have it, someone is bound to help! smile


go it and make your ticker then copy the code that starts with P sorry cant remenber what the name is lol! then copy the code from the first [ im g] to the last [i mg] make sure do get the [ ] on the ends copy and then paste into your sig bit off huggies, if you need more help pm me, welcome to huggies
thank you for your reply, i have done exactly what u said, i hope it works with this msg smile

I have tried everything and I can not make this lilypie ticker come up as my!!!!!!!!!Please!!!

Joel 7,Jeremy 5,Jamie 2 & Julia

uummm i just tried it, i'll see if it works
try again...
I keep getting the letters and not the pic of the ticker coming up,maybe it is just me.

Joel 7,Jeremy 5,Jamie 2 & Julia

If you are using Lilypie, you need the second code, or the one that says:

PseudoHTML, UBBCode™ or BBCode
Used on many message boards that don't allow HTML.

It gives you a big long code like this

[ url=http://][color=red] [img]http:// bd. [/ img][/color][/url]

You need to put into the Signature box of your forum details the [ i m g] everything in the middle &[/ i m g ]


make sure you include the brackets and there are no spaces in your code..

If it is half size you may need to go back to Lilypie and create a new ticker, with the full sized option...

Hope that helps
do what she said!!!



hi im just testing in here tooo sorry

yay thanku

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