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Hello, I was surfing on the internet and saw that people started to use pins, in companies a lot of people wear pins on their chest with the logo of the company, so I am thinking to try making money with that! Any thoughts about this?
Yeah that is a very ambitious niche, my cousin is making pins at home and she sales them very fast.
You are right. There is a new trend may be. But it had always been a kind of trend when young people wearing pins with their favorite band or a singer, or a character sometimes. So it can be a really good business. I can suggest you looking at this site for an example That would help you to start.
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I've mentioned it too. That's a trend now. I find it really useful because companies don't need to buy clothes with a logo, just buy a pin. If you are able to do that, it's a really cool idea. You can make a real money on it.
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