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Sewing machines Rss

Hi, i'm in the market for a sewing maching and was just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations? i.e brands/models?

Much appreciated smile


Do you have a any experience? Did you use a sewing machine before or will it be the first one?

First off, you should check out some website for classified ads like and do some search online. Then, of course, it depends on your budget. Would you like to buy a new or a used one for sale. The latter are usually cheaper.

Lastly it also depends on what you want to do and which materials you are going to use. If you provide some more information, I can give you some advice.

I personally recommend singer sewing machines they are one time investment, sufficient for all types work and works like a charm years after years wink
I think I need a lot of information on this, thank you for sharing
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