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I got these canvas things that you can take your kids hands or feet and do prints of them.
This is hubby father's day present.
I know little master will be easy cause he older. But little man will be hard. I would love to get his hand print but he loves it being closed. His feet will be easy.

So any ideas. Hubby going to love this presents so i like to get both kids hand prints has well has their feet.

I did this for my DH first fathers day with my DD. I had help from my mum but we also did it while she was sleeping, it helped a little although we did the feet first and she woke when doing the hands and she just clenched them so the feet turned out really well the hands not so much, so I would suggest doing the hands first and try while your youngest is sleeping.We also used a paintbrush to paint them rather then trying to open her hand up fully. Goodluck hope it helps.
When I was doing hand prints of my daughter I was told to hold around her wrist with my thumb in the back of her hand. If you put a little pressure on the back of the hand they open it out. Although my daughter was a few months older then your little guy though so not sure if it will wor the same at that age.
Thank You i will try both ways. I wish i did this when my first was little but i know hubby will love it.

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