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Arts & Crafts


Arts & Crafts Forum Lock

Hi there, Here is the new Art & Crafts forum suggested by one of our members. Thanks Moo & Bubb...

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moving Lock

I am moving to a new city and another state, since I was given a new job, I am very happy with th...

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I will perfectly understand you, I used to be in the same situation as you, then my friend helped me and advised me a company that i...


Should I play for real money? Lock

I tried and pushed myself away from the casino for 10 years, but my friends visit casinos regular...

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Book printing Lock

I am a beginner author, so I wrote my mini-book that I want to sell successfully. I want to print...

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At the expense of printing books, I know for sure that after printing it is necessary to confirm and write a literature review about...


My child plays CS GO Lock

Hi all guys, I'm a big fan of CS GO and I need skins. I want to go through a new level in th...

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some interesting or no


Threads and Arts Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Arts Lock

Hello fellow digitizers and embroiderers, Threads and Arts custom embroidery digitizing and vecto...

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Nixie tube clock Lock

Hello mates! If you find where to buy nixie tube clock - i recommend you this site! They do very ...

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Making baby clothes Lock

Hi everyone, have you ever sewed baby clothes for your children before? I think it’s a very sweet...

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Thanks for sharing this post! This is a matter of feeling towards baby that mother has a wish to prepare baby clothes by their hands...


Scrapbooking supplies help Lock

Im doing a scrapbook/ baby book for my little one for when its born and need help where i can get...

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They all have loads of stuff. Thanks all shell shockers


Retro gifts suggestions Lock

Hi all, our friend have a 10th wedding anniversary soon in January, he loves some retro electroni...

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Jessica Sanders

How to finish writing papers on time? Lock

Hi! I have noticed that a lot of people search for writing help. It's all because people do...

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theoretical framework nursing Lock

Hello everyone! When I stumbled with the problem of lack of time I decided to find a solution. So...

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Wall decals Lock

Any tips for applying wall decals? I got some cloud ones for mum wee mans room but too afraid I w...

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Great idea for a variety of outdoor environments.


Home Organisation Need Help Lock

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but I trust you can help me find my way here. Anyway, I...

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Well, I have already thrown out most of the things I don't need. But I still have plenty of items. I was considering getting so...


Scrapbooking and Card making Mummy 'Me Time' Lock

Hello My name is Liz and I hold monthly scrapbooking and card making classes for people in Palme...

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Playgroup craft Lock

Morning all, Wondering if anyone has any ideas for playgroup craft. Kids are mostly 2-21/2 with...

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Oh and, Torsten (that is my son's name) and i get leaves and such from the garden and stick them on paper. Make sure u have a s...


Duck Cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock

Who's made one?? Wanna share your pic? Go on.... You know you want to

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Depends on the type of duck. eBay has plenty, of cake online l stores too.If you can't find it there, try a party supply store ...


Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and Home Decor! Lock

Hi all Mummies! I am a mummy of 2 beautiful girls aged 8 and almost 4 with one on the way! I live...

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Removable Wall Art / Stickers Lock

Hi everyone I have launched my new business this year. I've always loved art and being creative ...

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Dear All! I'm happy being the mom of 2 lovely kids, a 5-year-old prince and a 2-year-old princess. We've just moved into...

Paper flowers - slacktarts (and anyone else interested) Lock

Oh cool thank you! I will check out the links. I'd like to have a go at making the pom poms....

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My mum and i made a load of the pom-poms and flowers in yellow for my DD's first birthday (it was a sunshine theme) and hung cl...


What do you think? Lock

I finally got around to making this for DD! She has a birdie theme in her room with similar colou...

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Thanks for the ideas and compliments! Will let you know if I change anything. Nay7 wrote: That looks amazing! I'm also glad t...

DoubleWammy in here....... Lock

Gorgeous! How long would one take to make?

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Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote: doublewammy wrote: Gorgeous! How long would one take to make? Remember craft is something you get paid for ...


Stretch Headbands Lock

Hello guys..I want to ask you a thing I've been looking a product like this one Stretch Head...

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Pinkie Pie

DD1 & I made our first fairy house today Lock

School holiday fun making fairy houses and here is the result!

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stacebebe wrote: We have two mini winks fairies and do you think we can find them! Searched the car, both bedroom and they've v...


Fire warnings on Flannelette Lock

Hi ladies, I got some flannelette at Spotlight to make some pajamas for the kids and it has a war...

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Just wanted to share.. Lock

Some photos of quilts I've made for my friends babies. The car-seat quilt was commissioned b...

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beautiful quilts! Super cool work becaful.


What do you think....update on Buddy with Tiny! Lock first ever fondant cake topper!

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They look great! I like buddy and tiny

Pinkie Pie

Super Mario Bros themed birthday party *pics from today* Lock

Started making the decorations for DD2's 3rd birthday party in a few weeks. Today we did the...

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Wow that all looked amazing! She looked like she was enjoying her day


Multicultural activities/games Lock

I'm still on the lookout for multicultural activities. Does anyone do any crafts now that wo...

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Dot painting, Indigenous, using cotton tips. Use paints that are red, yellow, white, and/or black. You could search online for how t...


What do you much to charge??? Lock

l have an untapped need to do something creative, so have been trying these.... What do you ...

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Thanks ladies. l think l'll put my price up! l've only got $10 on them at the moment as just selling them through local ...

we made these Lock

Naw cute!! My dd has some plastic ones and she loves them!! She always smashes them on the coffee...

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................ok. Me feels we bout to get spammed.

Help needed! Lock

I just had a look on ebay and they have quite a few cheapish options. This one was my favorite h...

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Childrens artwork Lock

I would love to hear some ideas of what people do with their childrens artwork (paintings, drawin...

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We have a scrapbook and put the 'good' things in. The other stuff we display for a few weeks, take a photo then bin it.

DIY Play Kitchen Lock

It's going to look awesome when you're fun and exciting!!

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Wow, this sounds like it is going to be absolutely fantastic by the end. You are so talented to do this. She is going to absolutel...


Gender Reveals Lock

Hi All, I'm looking for some feedback, I create little business sized cards with designs on ...

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Thanks for being honest girls

Easter Crafts *PHOTO ADDED - PAGE 2* Lock

Naww...that sounds lovely Can't wait to see pics! I had a good afternoon too. The kids d...

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Naww so cute.


Cardmaking and scrap booking Lock

Hi there, I've been in and out on here and an off and on scrapbooker for years. Was wonderi...

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