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Bottled water - Any good for babies Rss

I'm going away for a few nights and i'm pretty sure that the water is not safe to drink [boar water] and i was wondering whether or not i was able to give my 8 month old bottled water from the shop?
I'm sure that bottled water will be fine, but if you are really worried, ask your CHN for their advice. Also, you might want to try it at home first as some bubs may get the runs from a change in water (like some adults do when traveling and water supply changes) You are right about bore water not being the best tho. I'm not sure if even boiling it will get the excess minerals out. Have a great trip!

Terri, Qld (at last)

I am taking my kids to Europe when DS is 7 months old. I wont have access to boil water so my CHN said bottled water is fine for his formula scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

We often used Mount Franklin water for DS when travelling. It is fine. It was so much easier than having to boil and cool water.
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