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What gift to get for godparents Rss

My son will be Baptised this OCT and i've been trying to think of what i can get his godparents for a gift as they have helped out alot with the Baptism planning.
I was thinking a framed photo of my son, however i have decided i wanted something a bit different. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hey Laura,

When we had our son christened, we were told that you weren't supposed to get the godparents anything... I decided to go with photo of Henry when he was born and one of him taken a few days before his Chistening. I got on the computer and made the photos wallet sized and laminated them back to back. This way they can have a picture of him on hand at all times to show off!!

They loved it and I hear from Henry Godfathers parents that every where he goes, he shows off his godson....he adores it. And his godmother wont put it in her wallet in case she loses it!! She keeps it beside her bed.

I think something small is fine. As long as it comes from the heart... Maybe if you want to go further than that, my first thought for Henrys godmother, who is my oldest friend, was a locket with a picture of Henry in there and I was going to get a picture of her fiancee to put in there as well...

I don't think it really matters what it is or whether u spend lots on it, as long as its special to you and them, that will be the best...
Hope that helps.

Liz, 28, DF, 29. Henry- 18/10/2006, Faith 5/6/2013, Peanut being induced 21/10/2014.

I recently bought my childrens godmother a keyring with a photo of the 2 kids engraved onto it.It turned out so beautifully and was $38 at Digital Dog photo shop.It was gold and heart shaped although you could get other shapes and sizes.

I hope you don't mind me plugging my own business, but we make lots of gifts with kids photos.

The most popular one being a photomontage where multiple images are combined to make one unique design, or you can have photos in the shape of the child's name or a message like "I Love ....".

If you are interested, send me a private message for more details or have a look at

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