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A fish birthday cake - any ideas? Lock Rss

My Noah is about to turn 2 and loves fishing with his Dad.... So I thought I could make him a birthday cake in the shape of a fish, confident to make the cake and cut the shape out - Any ideas on decorating it??

for the scales you could use jelly beans or bananas or something similar.

eye - strawberry and cream lolly

tail - musk sticks (the yellow ones?) If they are soft ones, you could cut them in half length ways and use them as fins too...

Unless you are feeling like an artist and you could ice it and decorate it solely with an icing pen?
I'd be less original and go for a finding nemo or Dory cake smile I love Dory, she rocks.
What about a blue icing (water) round or square cake - then you can decorate with choc fish swimming around and 2 figures (DS and his dad) sitting on a rock with fishing rods in their hand going into the water.??
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions... We'll see how I go:)
Go onto

I just did a monkey cake for my little one of there and it was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!
For a water back ground use blue jelly.... chop it up and it looks awesome as it glistens!

Good luck and you know we want to see a photo!
What about making the cake the pond and adding some people fishing in the cake? A bit like this

You could use jelly and make some fish you could see through the 'water'.

I love cakes and birthdays its so much fun.
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