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1) Enjoy your sleep while you can
2) It's YOUR baby. Don't let anyone tell you any different
3) Just sit down and relax when you can
1. Try not to think about how sick or uncomfortable you are, this only escalates the problem.
2. If your feet are swollen, get someone to rub them... It's glorious!
3. Don't feel pressured to go out if you're too tired! Take time to rest as much as you can before Bub arrives smile
Enjoy it -- it only lasts such a short time.
Trust your instincts
1. Try and enjoy it as much as possible - you look beautiful even if you don't feel it
2. Drinking milk helps with pregnancy heartburn
3. Let people help you as much as possible, especially toward the end
1. Don't go crazy buying too much stuff for the baby, because you will be given a lot of stuff from friend/family with children

2. Everyone's pregnancy is different, so nobody really knows how your traveling. Trust your own instincts

3. Keep up with exercise. Don't worry if the older population give you dirty looks.
1. Enjoy your sleep
2. Do whatever works
3. It gets easier
1. Enjoy the quiet time while you can
2. Make the most of this time to get organised as when the baby comes you wont have time for much else (or want to because babies are soooooo gorgeous)
3. Stay away from deli foods
1. Relax and Enjoy
2. Ask questions, even if you already know the answer its always got to hear what others have to say
3. Never to stop doing the things you love, you will only stress yourself out and that will put stress on your baby
1. Every pregnancy is different. Do what you need to do to feel good and get you through.
2. Prioritize your health and the babies during your pregnancy, everything else can wait.
3. Enjoy the prospects of having a new addition to the family, but enjoy moments that will become less frequent once the baby is born.
Fruit, fruit and more fruit.
Even when I cant stomach anything else, fruit saves the day.
Im not fussy either, any kind!
1. Eat what you want
2. Use dish brush handles to reach window latches
3. Enjoy yourself
1. Being pregnant is stressful, try and not let the stress take over. Enjoy as much of it as you can!
2. Listen to your body.
3. Ignore the advice/opinions/lectures that don't relate to you and your ideals and embrace/listen/remember the ones that do.
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