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Haha I received so many pieces of advice about being pregnant that it is hard to pick just 3.
I'd have to say the 3 tips that helped me the most were these:

1. Stay active and fit during pregnancy as it helps you to endure the hard work of labour and birth. I did go for walks as much as I could and it seemed to help - my labour was only 5 hours, which I'm told is quick for a first timer.

2. Don't read too much pregnancy information. Often the information available on the internet can be conflicting and hence very confusing. I was told to read a recommended book and for anything else ask my health professional.

3. A doctor once said to me when I told him, exasperated, how tired I was: "Of course you're tired! Did you know a pregnant cat sleeps about 18 hours a day?". After that I decided not to fight my fatigue. Of course it is hard to sleep that long and fit in work too but I rested whenever possible and indulged in plenty of sleep-ins when I went on maternity leave before the bub arrived!

1. Receive advice gracefully
2. Stay true to what you believe will work for you and your family
3. Always always remain calm through different situations.
1. Listen to Mum; she got me to this stage!

2.Accept advise graciously then do what seems best for you.

3.Never choose a family name because, to please everybody, your baby would end up with at least 6 names.
1.Think of the baby before u eat/drink anything.
2.Rest well
3.Prioritze yourself more than your work smile
1. Don't have children (argh, too late)
2. You're having a kid? I'd wait a LONG time before having a second... (argh, twins?!)
3. Never say no to help (ahhh, finally some good advice)
1. Do what you need to before the baby comes (ie - sort out the clutter etc) there wont be the time after bub arrives

2. Rest, relax and enjoy your pregnancy

3. Dont expect too much of yourself - there will be things you cant do after the bub is born but there will also be things you didnt think you would be able to do, but still can (eg - i didnt think i would still have a social life but i did, and i thought i would go straight back to work but i didnt)

I can't remember what people said but I will say
1. Take advantage of the hospital midwives at no other time will help be so easily available
2 take a baby break when you can I love my child but sometimes I need just 30 minutes of my day to do something like eat a meal and watch tv in peace and quiet
3. If you need help ask you dont need to do everything and your not superman and thats what friend family and partners are for
1.enjoy every little thing. As you are only pregnant 9months
2. Relax and stop stressing about the what if's
3. enjoy your sleep now
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Get plenty of exercise.
DON"T eat for 2
Don't smoke or Drink
1. Suddenly everybody will have an opinion about everything and anything to do with you and your baby - let them have their say and ignore it all and do what YOU want or need to do

2. Drink WATER! Now and once baby is here - it really does make an amazing difference

3. LOVE every minute of such an amazing time grin

1. Your stretch marks may not be beautiful, But they are your story of becoming a Mum.
2. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things in life, Love every minute of it.
3. You will have ups' and downs, but in the end you get to welcome a beautiful little Munchkin into the
world. It is very much worth the morning sickness, mood swings and labour pains to hear that first cry.

A Mum of 4 Beautiful Little Girls, and another Munchkin baking in my Tummy!

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