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1. Accept any offeres of help or suggestions
2. Have fun and try to stress over little things ie accidents
3. Enjoy being a parent as its amazing
1. If you think something isn't right be that annoying person and call the Dr./Midwife.
2. Do your pelvic floor exercises (regretting not following that one).
3. Enjoy the great hair and skin.
Each pregnancy is as unique as the bub your growing, respect that.
Take time out to listen to pure silence.
Inform yourself, read, observe, talk, listen, knowledge will calm your fears!
1. do not google every little change occuring to your body (its not always correct)

2. listen to your body and how YOU feel... not other people

3. whilst pregnant, when ever Bonjela is on sale.. buy a tube. when bubs comes into the world it ends up being a staple item included in the grocery shop
1. Every pregnancy is different.
2. Don't be afraid of asking for help.
3. If you're tired, don't fight nature, have a rest.
1. Be sure to subscribe to one of those weekly email updates which describes your baby's growth in fruits and vegetables. You'll want to know what stage your chestnut or watermelon is upto, the latter being a rather painful concept to imagine in the delivery suite.

2. Invest in oversized, elasticised everything - pants, socks, bras... You name the body part, it'll expand like Violet Beauregarde in the inventing room.

3. Embrace the toilet, whether it be with your arms while you hurl your guts up for the umpteenth time, or just take in the serenity that is the bathroom. You will be in there a lot.
1. Sleep, sleep and sleep. You might not get a chance again for a while.
2. Every meal, cook extra serves to freeze ready for when your hands are full.
3. You can do it!
1.- Sleep and Rest lots.
2.- Sit on a chair facing the back rest to get baby into position.
3.- Take daily walks.
1. Identify goals and assign deadlines.
2. Break the goals into bite-size pieces.
3. Reward successes.
1. Have some crackers by the bed to munch on before getting up slowly (helps with morning sickness)
2. Put your feet up as much as you can to help reduce the cankles (elephant legs!)
3. Eat well, don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy it!!!
1. Make a much of your downtime as you can-rest, sleep and elevate your feet!
2. When people offer help, graciously accept-this also applies after bub is born.
3. Enjoy it. It goes so much faster than you think.
1. Don't Stress
2. Eat Healthy for you and bub
3. Enjoy your sleep while you can
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