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1. Sleep, sleep and sleep some more!!
2. Before no 2 arrives, read lots of books to no 1 about no 2's arrival
3. Do what you feel is right, not what others tell you to do!
1. Enjoy your sleep while you can!
2. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy what you eat is what your baby is eating.
3. Maintain balance and reduce stress, stay relaxed by doing things like getting a massage or exercising.
accept all offers of toys and clothes - they will come in handy
be flexible in your thinking about the birth - they will come out how ever they choose smile
relax and enjoy - its such a special time
The top three tips I received while being pregnant were,
1. Listen to all advice and take none. As all the advice is from mothers that were mothers to new borns over 20 years ago;
2. Have as much sleep now as you can as you won't get any for the next 18-10 years, yes, 18-20 as when they start clubbing, the worrying becomes worse; and
3. Routines are the key to a calm and relaxed baby, and forming a habbit takes seven days (aka the book, Seven Habbits of Highly Effective People), so don't give up and perservere.
1. Sign up for The "pregnacy" section will keep you well informed, you can find out excatly what's happening to you at each week and what's baby up to smile
2. Start pelvic floor excercise to support extra weight you are carying and prevent bladder promblems later on in life.
3.Sing, kiss and talk to your baby with daddy smile!!!
1. rest relax and enjoy you baby bump because u will miss it
2. only listen to the advice u think is best for u, remember its your baby not theirs.
3. have a bath and watch baby move around in your tummy its amazing
1. Every birth is different, yours will be too so don't worry about it.
2. There are so many experts out there only you know what is right for you.
3. Save some money when you are trying to fall pregnant and while you are pregnant for a cleaner for the first few weeks after your baby is born so you can enjoy time getting to know your little one and not stress about the housework. $5 a week is heaps.
1. Try & rest.. Yeah right when you have 3 others to take care of
2. Freeze meals
3. Drink plenty of water


1 This is happening to you and no one else - only do things that make you happy
2 enjoy the pampering your friends and family want to give you - it won't last forever
3 get regular exercise - swimming, yoga and walking were great for me smile
1. Drink lots of water
2. Donot stress
3. Do regular exercise
1- Don't take any tension and stress. Keep your mind fresh.
2- Eat health food, which is good for both, mum and bub.
3- Enjoy every bit of it and make it memorable. smile
1: sleep now because it's all over once baby comes
2: don't dye your hair, it's bad for baby
3: you need to eat for two now, but don't put on too much weight !!!!!!
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