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Strider Plus Wheel Problems Lock Rss

I have a Strider Plus which was purchased back in January. We have been having all kinds of problems with the wheels for months now. We have finally taken it back to the store and they are sending it to Britax to be assessed. After reasearching, I have found that this seems to be a common problem with these prams. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with their strider and if so, were you able to get a refund/store credit on the pram? I have lost all faith in this pram now, but can't afford to just go and buy another one.
Thanks in advance.
I don't have a strider plus just the strider and I was looking at getting the strider plus to upgrade for #2 but after your post i am reconsidering. Sorry I couldn't help, but good luck with the return/repair.
Not sure what problem you're having exactly but I've had problems with my Take 2 strider which is exactly the same wheel structure.
I've had the back wheels warp a little (Though not effect the function of the pram) and one of the front wheels bend to the point it won't lock in. I no longer use the pram because the front wheel slowly slides out when I'm walking.. I'm also starting to notice the same thing happening in the other front wheel..
Both these problems happened roughly a year after I got it so I was ineligible for repair under warranty.. Though I'm not sure it would have been covered anyway. It seems to me to be a problem that is caused by stress, something the poor structural design of the pram just doesn't seem to cope with..

Hope this helps

We had our 'Strider 4' for about 18 months when it started to fail to fold/unfold as the locking mechanism on one side of the frame wouldn't work. Very frustrating. I took it back to the shop and talked to the manager. Didn't get a very convincing response regards repair so kept using it while I decided what to do...then it folded up spontaneously one day whilst in use!!! I've now bought something else of a different brand.
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