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toddler table and chairs Lock Rss

hiii, has anyone bought their toddler an activity table and chairs and can give me advice??????? ive been looking on the internet and hav come across two options - first is a simple plastic table with chairs or stools e.g. from ikea not too expensive.

the other option is going for a timber set of tableand chairs, a touch more stylish and more expensive etc. do you think timber would be as useful as plastic..?

any ideas? thanks heaps girls
We have a wooden table and chairs. It is hard wearing and sturdy as well as being easy to clean. It was a gift, but I would prefer the look of wood over plastic smile
i have both, one set is wooden and my FIL got it from his church and sanded it back and re-painted it and 4 little wooden chairs... its very cute and the kids use it all day everyday, for meals and for playing on.

i also have the plastic kind at my mums house, its a bit annoying cos the table is so light that they are always kicking it and spilling their food and drinks. its very flimsy and feels like it wont last very long. this is only a set from go-lo so an ikea set is probably a bit stonger but i still think a little extra money for a wooden set is worth it in the end

Great question! I've been looking for a toddler chair & not found anything! Well not anything that isn't flimsy plastic anyway so, I'll be watching this keenly ... Here's hoping you get some great responses & good luck smile
I LOVE my plastic ikea set, I have the blue round table and green high back chairs. They are THE best buy I have ever made for my kids, its easy to clean, light to move around, and very sturdy, not to mention it looks great!! I am planning on getting a few more chairs and also the rectangle table for outside
ok cool. i think i am going to go for a wooden set. does anyone know where i can find the pkolino brand in australia??

ok cool. i think i am going to go for a wooden set. does anyone know where i can find the pkolino brand in australia??

We purchased a round wooden table and two chairs online from the educational toystore 'Windmill'. Very cute animal chairs (each part sold separately, so you get to choose). Great quality and really solid. So even if my 2 year old has a tantrum and shoves the table, it barely budges! We have it on a wooden floor, so have put down some cheap foam mats from Bunnings to cushion and stop any sliding around.
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