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Pram for Toddler + Newborn (younger sibbling) Rss

I am after a pram that can be used for a toddler (21months+) and a newborn. As I am currently pregnant with bubba #2 and I will need to get a double pram. I want something easy to push, easy fold up etc.

I want a detatchable toddler seat for the pram.. can i just have models etc of prams



What about the phil and teds Vibe (can fold up with toddler seat attached)

Or phil and teds Dash?

Ohh and also I think steelcraft have released a new one with detachable toddler seat (think it might be one of the strider range), it has a great sunshade!

I am TTC and looking into the same thing so good luck!
I would definately go for one of the Phil and Teds strollers. A couple of people i know have one and find it awesome. The toddler seat can go on the front when baby is newborn and later go on the back so older child can sit in the main part.

They can be quite expensive though, I know the newer models can be upwards of $1000 for the whole set up.

I have a 2 year old and am due in March, I am looking for a second hand Phil and Teds at the mo.

Hope this helps.

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I bought a Phil & Ted's sport 2 years ago with the main concern being 2 young children. I have had no problems and it is only 11kg. The reason I picked it was because both children will be declined slightly allowing easy sleeping. I am also pregnant, 1 day less than you as it turns out and my son will be 2 and 1 month. I have not tried it with the attachment seat but have friends who love it. I also did not want the side by side pram as it is difficult to take to a lot of places and I also did not want my son sitting on the front as I have heard that some prams with this option can tip if they grab something.

I am also looking at maybe going the standing option at the back instead of the extra seat but that is because as it turns out my son is not fussed on being in the pram too long so I have gotten into the habit of not shopping etc. too long. He prefers to run so that depends on the child I guess.
[Edited on 07/02/2010]
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