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Help? Safest booster seat to use? Rss

I have been advised to replace both my car seats as the car they were in was involved in an accident (no-one was hurt, only the driver was in the car). Luckily insurance will pay for the new seats.

I have quickly done some research in the time I have to find out the best car seats to get, but now I'm totally confused!

Does anyone have some advice for me on:-

- the latest crash tests done (the most recent I can find were done about 2006)

- the best options for a 17kg 3 year old and an 11 kg 18 month old.

I was planning on getting 2 new Maxi Rider AHR's as I was happy with the 5 point harness for both children .... but the eldest is getting close to the 18kg suggested limit for the 5 point harness, even though there's heaps of room in it yet. I was told that the 5 point harness might be more harm than good once he's over 18 kg, so would need to switch to the lap/sash belt option .... which I've heard has risks as well.

Any thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance, K


wow big boys so it makes things hard when they go on weight not age as well, maybe you can always get for your oldest a safe and sound booster seat with the antisubmarine clip and use a H harness, and use a maxi rider for the younger one.

Im not alot of help my eldest son is 5 nearly 6 and weighs 18kg and my 2 nearly 3 yr old weighs 11kg so there pretty light, DS#1 is in a safe in sound pegasus booster seat with the antisubmarine clip and DS#2 is in a cosco car seat( same as a maxi rider except is anchored down in my car by 3 points and has a full harness straps etc).

DD who is nearly one is in my babylove capsule wanting her to be rear facing for as long as possible she should still be able to fit in it for another couple of months yet which is good used it for both the boys and her so was definately one of the best things we ever brought.

I have spoken to a few people about the different car seats/boosters etc and what I got told is that "Australian safety standards are very high in terms of car seats, so if its passed the safety standards its going to be safe enough".

If you are after the safest (and I would be if you are going to get them replaced under insurance grin), I would go with the maxirider AHR for you youngest and surprisingly I can't remember where I found it but the 'Infa secure vario kid max' rated as the safest stand alone booster in the latest tests (I think because of how adjustable it is), they are reasonably priced, I would get one of these with a H harness for your eldest. Oh and I found a link, its 4 star rated

I hope that helps!
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