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3 year old tantrums!!! Lock Rss

Help I'm at my wits end with my 3 year old son and his temper tantrums!! He seems to have turned into the devil over night. He's arguing back, yelling, shouting and hitting and just won't do anything I ask. I've tried time out and taking away toys etc but he's like bring it on and puts himself in time out lol!! I've been reading up on how to handle things but find I'm so frustrated at the constant battle that I snap and end up shouting which I swore I'd never do.

I'd be so grateful for any suggestions.

Jodi, VIC, 2 boys


When I find myself snapping at my 3yo when she isn't co-operating I try to take a few moments first before then talking to her and then praising some good behaviour like talking quietly instead of shouting, or playing quietly on her own of her own initiative. When I have snapped at her and after calming down, I also take the time to say sorry that mummy snapped.

Hope that that helps.
I can't help much but thought it would help to know my 3 and a half year old dd has done a similar character change! She also wants to argue every instruction with a "but I want to...." or "I dont want to". I'm sure this is a phase of expressing their independence and testing boundaries but it is certainly wearing. She is also happy to go to time out and can amuse herself in an empty area for ages lol. Sometimes I'll threaten time out and she says ok and takes herself there. At the moment I'm trying counselling her by explaining that I understand its hard to do as you're told when you don't want to but you have to, and praising her for all good things. Only tried this this morning but it seems to be working. Good luck and take heart that you're not the only one!


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