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Night Terrors?! Lock Rss

Sorry its a little long but I'm at my wits end!! Thanks in advance for reading

My DD1 is 22 months old and for the last couple of weeks has been waking every couple of nights and having a tanturm. We have just had another DD who is now a month old and I have had my MIL here for 2wks followed by my dad from NZ for 10days.

She went and stayed with the in-laws for 10days about 8 weeks ago and we have had problems with sleeping since then and now have to lie in her room with her to get her to go to sleep. I put this down to seperation anxiety from going away for so long (felt to rude to say it was to long for her to be away to the in-laws) but now since we have had DD2 at home this has started. She hasnt shown any jealousy of DD2 and wants to always kiss and cuddle her.

When MIL was here, sh would get up to her if she woke before I even had a chance to get out of bed, let alone down the other end of the house.

I also noticed the other night when we were driving home, that DD1 was still asleep when she started screaming before she woke up after a couple of minutes, but as her room is the other end of the house I dont know if the same thing is happening at home when she wakes. I find when she does wake she just kicks and screams and wants to be cuddled but at the same time doesnt and the only thing we can really do is let her go for it until she is ready to sit calmly with either me or DH. This is all happening at either 10.30pm or 1am and last anywhere up to 1.5hrs but atleast half an hour.

Does anyone have any advice to help stop these episodes or what I can do?? I hate seeing DD1 so upset and would love to get a little more sleep lol

Thanks again for reading
DS used to have night terrors too. Theyre horrible arent they.
Youre not supposed to wake someone from a night terror, so just leave your DD in her cot/ bed, make sure she cant hurt herself, and wait it out.
Theres no point trying to get them to snap out of it as youll just end up frustrated, and very quickly if youre half asleep.
A lady who used to be on here said she would wake her daughter before they happened so she wasnt in that deep sleep around the time shed usually have a night terror. Maybe try that? Wake her around 930-10?

Otherwise I dont think theres a whole lot you can do. Fortunately with most its just a phase and they will stop.

All the best!

My son is 26months and at different points has gone through stages where he will wake up screaming and then other nights where he sleeps fine... Another mother mentioned night terrors to me which I didn't think it was... One night he woke and just the look in his eye and the way he screamed made me google night terrors the next day.
Everything I read sounded like him, he screams and nothing helps and he doesn't want anything, its like a major tantrum in the middle of the night!

One thing I read was that they are actually asleep not awake, even though their eyes are open etc... It also said not to touch them, just watch from a distance making sure they are safe... We tried this another night and he seemed to calm down quicker... It said if you try to hug them, touch them etc you actually are waking them and this distresses them...

Another thing I read also said if it happens the same time every night to wake them just before then resettle them... I didn't do this...

Every thing I read said as distressing as it is there is nothing wrong with them at all, they don't even remember it and they grow out of it...

My son doesn't do this often - it is irregular and happens every now and then but when it does - there doesn't seem to be a better explanation.

Hope she settles down, it is really distressing.. One night I ended up tears I just couldn't handle seeing him so distressed and being so helpless!
My son is going thru the same thing atm..
very irregular though, I've noticed it happens when his over tired,
I'm hoping it stops soon I cant handle it, so upseting sad
Thanks for your replies!!

I will def try all that you have suggested. Anything is worth trying!!

Thanks again grin
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